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                                        ARCHE (BEGINNING, PRINCIPLE) OF THE WORLD

Written history teaches us that mankind was born with religious vocation,given by God and other gods, but un fortunately,driven by egoism,man started to explore the surrounding  nature based on"his science (Isa 65,2). Searching the truth in nature,human Science has fallen into the trap of  a reality transfigured by SIN. Modern scientific beliefs,generated by the collapse of medieval"religious"interpretations,have paradoxical ly at the base a starting point from Moses,from whose teachings,Philosophy,first Science of interpretation and reflection of the most general laws of reality,took the term BEREISHIT,translated as ARCHE by Greek philosophers,(after all they were neighbors to Jewish people in Asia Minor) designating the Beginning,Cau se or Principle of things.In Christian Religion and also in Philosophy,everything begins with ARCHE (BEGIN NING,PRINCIPLE)OF THE WORLD,which is a term"borrowed"not only by Greek philosophers,but also by mo dern scientists from Moses .He is the initiator of this term,named in hebrew BEREISHIT,the same being the first word  in the Bible's book ofGenesis(and other places like Leviticus2,12;23,10,Num10,10,Prov.9,10).Mo

 ses learned about it when it was taught by God,on Mount Sinai(Heb.8,5).With this"term",THEOLOGYwas and will be THE QUEEN OF SCIENCE.Why is so important  Arche in elaborating a"genuine"conception of the world and of our ORIGIN ?First of all,it is a biblical term,used both in Old and New Testament,having thus legitimacy in creating scientific,biblical METALANGUAGE,and because ORIGIN gives purpose and meaning to our life,and both of them are criterion for value.The ancient Greek philosophers were the first who theorized about"Arche",but no one should deny mosaic root of this term used in Science.Debates about finding the material from which all things are made,and the starting point due to which our world exists, has it's being,can be known and manifests it self,in other words finding ARCHE,PRINCIPLE OF THE WORLD, marked the beginning of Philosophy.Popular Christianity,being without substance,focusing on ritual, confused any scientific hierarchy in the Bible,transforming this ORGANIC LAW called ARCHE,in a common circumstantial complement of time.Absence of this systematic scientific criterion,established in the Bible, leads to cleavage in understanding biblical ontological theory.Great philosophers of history have identified too many possible principles of the world,creating confusion.Probably taking the biblical narrative of creation by water,Thales of  Miletus was the first Greek philosopher to discuss the "Arche",followed by Heraclitus who preferred fire,or Anaximenes,who preferred air as Arche.Anaximander believed insomething undefined(APEIRON),Democritus and Leucip started materialistic conception with their ATOMS while Pytha goras believed that NUMBERS have the necessary analogy to explain all aspects of reality.Plato,Aristotle, Stoics,returned to the idealistic aspects,as well as modernist philosophers Fichte,Descartes,Schopen hauer,Schelling,Eduard Hartmann,etc.The explanation of Ontology by a single Principle is called Monism.A list of these philosophers' views about what is the Principle or Arche should mention that all of them are MONISM.Fact that modern scientists are using numbers to demonstrate the atomic theory,is an eclecticism as big as Adventists trying to join the Investigative Judgement to Sanctuary Doctrine.Those who believe in Bible and want to directly justify their beliefs,must affirm the Principle of LOGOS.A second most important problem of Greek philosophers,after Arche,was Epistemology,or physiology of the mind.The problem that Epistemology raises,is that itself is subject of investigation and research tool,in the same time,and the risk of prejudice is to take as true, ideas who need to be yet established as true.The risk of presuppositions taken as true with verification,consists in deeper demonstrations,whose checking results in indefinitely regressions.Sensing the absurdity,Aristotle says that where this series ends,there is an IMMEDIATE KNOW LEDGE,that of the PRINCIPLES,which have double character,namely,they can not be proven,and need not to be proven,they are known with certainty greater than everything can be inferred from them.Aristotle says that Principles are"knowledge source"and demonstrations are only a derivation of them.So,it is custom in Philosophy to make the demonstration of ideas,without verifying their validity in advance,or regression. This helps BELIEF in biblical axioms, and if we want to look for the origin of the world,then we must know that what founded reality begins with analogies and regularities that are a consequence of something that is common to different phenomena and can be called the PRINCIPLE,ARCHE,with sense of BEGINNING, foundation or starting point due to which,a thing is,has it's birth,and can be known,which allows us to assign a common ground of known facts,and to deduce unnoticed.