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                                                        POLITICS AND CONSPIRACY

"Universes"of Claudius Ptolemy,Copernicus,Newton,Lavoisier,Dalton,Oparin,StanleyL.Miller,Einstein,do not contain powers called "Stoicheia elements"that appear in the Bible.These are important from a Biblical pers pective,to acquire the first teachings that define the situation,purpose,structure,and how our existence is sustained.Existence of"Stoicheia elements"gives us an opening to another discipline which aims STATE or CONDITION,namely POLITICS,consisting of authority and powers,imposed by the methods and tactics that formulate and apply practices and behaviors that follow the gain of a state or condition in social relations. Polit  is seen as a process of ruling the state(fr.l 'etat means"state""condition"),the form of organization and rule of a community,which is designed to provide an order(internal and external)and the building,renova tion and reproduction of governance.The notion of politics is ambiguous and with imprecise limits,being defined differently,either with the"funny"definition that says,it's skill to make people NOT to worry about things that should worry them,either as being a"Science of architecture"of vertical relationship of domina tion,also a specialized instance of a"conflict mediation through the art of compromise"There are many  ty pes,ideals and models in defining politics,but etymologically it comes from the Greek"polis,politikos" mea ning"city,civil",Politics being the art of governing for the public good,at first in the ancient city,later in the modern State.We can say that polity has at least two functions,one of institutionalization,and second of MANIPULATION.Systematic theorization about politics has historic continuity  in major and minor crisis which appeared during history.The political crisis of the Hellenistic world has built political  philosophy of Plato and Aristotle,the crisis of the Roman Empire has built Christian political philosophy and the crisis of the modern state has built Marx"s and Hegel's political philosophy.Among bizarre definitions of politics is mentioned the one of Plato,which speaks of "the care for the soul"because politics is a"theater of the pa ssions".Polity and it's product and instrument,THE STATE,arises from the spirit of the people who produce them,institutions are only the expression of character of these people,with all their cultural, political and emotional archetypes.Nature of politics is based on POWER,that makes to triumph in  social relations some one's own will,and its conception of world or project of society  either by coercion or by seduction, in a tolerable and acceptable way.The power of any State is facing conflicts because of differences, oppositi ons,threats,shortages revealing need for construction of a culture of obedience and conformity, with the norms and beliefs that bind and give meaning to the relations with all segments of society. Universalized explanation of interests and beliefs is called ideology,and the goal of power is assimilation by accommoda tion and change through the process called SOCIALIZATION.Sistem of reference and assessment of reality ,appears from construction of identity,which is made by the instances as are family,school, church,mass media,party,etc.Formation of common values of reference and promotion of a conception of the world seeks acceptance for the project of society and political system,of the condition called Politeia(polity), heaving meaning of"constitution","regime"not only in the sense of complex of written laws regulating formal public life,but also as the condition and behavior in the ontological sense,where the "Stoicheia elements" are "writting"and creating reality.State was invented and used as an instrument of action in favor of the dominant political elites,appearing in Western Europe in the Renaissance period.We see in the early 21st century,with the coming of the New World Order,that it's intended either by seduction or disposal(by case)of local elites,an installation of controllable instances,"ready"to participate in a cultural,economic, social,political homogenization and the destruction of traditional culture,as part of global destruction of"old" states,peoples and nations and creation of a global government.Emerging modern world strongly opposes traditional values especially as are Christianity and Bible.One can find a dividing red line in history of so called"modern"world,and this line is called the Enlightenment,a movement or stream of thought that started by"removing feudal backwardness,superstition,"irrational"religious dogma,and  initiated illumination of the masses by spreading"reason and culture",leading the world toward progress and better after the long night of"Catholic"Dark Middle Ages".Enlightenment appeared in the 18th century,hijacked world view by a propaganda campaign aiming to legitimize a"new world order"following to be determined by the autho ritarian diffusion of scientific information and rational knowledge,with laic,antireligious and anticlerical cha racter,defining ethical,moral,social and political issues.Science development in the 17 th century,with the Isaac Newton's mecanicism,Rene Descartes rationalism,skepticism of Pierre Bayle,Francis Bacon's empiricism have led to ideas about"natural laws"and"universal order".Desacralization of the biblical symbols and authori ty of Scriptures by replacing Theocentrism with Anthropocentrism opened the way to a playful percepti on of the world,where pleasures of being and consumption of products of messianic Science and Technolo gy,promoted by the libertines,freemasons,anti clericalists,atheists,made to clot  a mental revolution,which has become a supreme heresy,leading to recession of Christianity and  autonomy of civil society from Religi on.Mankind followed it's intellectual curiosity accepting the foamy abominations with  pretensions of uni versality.Reason,considered unshakable,of some philosophers such as Voltaire,Jean Jacques Rousseau,Kant,

David Hume,Thomas Paine,stood out for its attacks on the institutions of Church and Monarchy, creating apostasy,secular philosophy,affirming that Religion isonly  good as psychological crutches. Volatile relation between Religion and Politics was further weakened by the work of theorists of the doctrine of State sove reignty and public power.If Tomasso D'Aquino,limited the legislative power of the king by divine right and respect of the traditions,Jean Bodin made the transition to the"world"of Hobbes,Locke,Montesquieu,Rousseau,who developed theories of sovereignty of"natural laws" at the expense of divine law,with the absolute sovereignty of the State,the general will of the majori ty, individual "freedoms",civil law,social contract,as well as other theories that led to satanism like pluralism ,capitalism, communism, creation of diversion called"democracy".Enlightenment created the frame of the revolutions in France,America,South America,Greece,and promoted by Freemasonry,the State as an instru  ment of progress,at the expense of the feudal system and Catholicism fixed in ossified traditions,creating secular education, separation of Church and State,discouragement of national ideals,civilian marriage, etc. During this period, appeared "Encyclopedia or a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences,Arts and Crafts" writ ten by Diderot and D'Alambert which is"war machine"of the Enlightenment spirit,a synthetic picture of human empirical "knowledge". Enlightenment is guilty of promulgating the Deism,born in England by philoso

phy of Anthony Collins,John Tolland,Matthew Tindall , etc.Mechanistic vision of the universe was tamed by this version which is launch ing argument of a "Design"or plan of the Creation that discovers God as the only capable Designer,(see William Paley and "Watchmaker on the beach" argument).Like a mechanical watch,the "uni verse"was set in motion by the Creator, after which He has disappea red and no longer involves,and we no longer need the Bible or Divinity,only the Reason and Science is needed for understanding the material world and to practice an indifferent, shallow religion , called"natural",with personal opinions about doctrine with interpretations from other sources than biblical ones.That is for sure"destructive heresy"of 2Pet.2,1 and Jude 4 which denies God and promotes the princi ple of atomist materialism and principle of numbers at the expense of the principle Logos and "Stoicheia elements".Enlightenment and Masons have launched naturalistic view, saying that their science is engaged in"search of divine truth",thus denying that the Divine truth was revealed entirely by Scripture. Beside irrational outbursts(revolutions, idolatry to the leaders)the key conflict that it is launched by the Enlighten ment is the reality"mechanism"In previous century,Baruch Spinoza declared by so called "panthe ism"that God can be identified with nature,yet being without personality, as an extended natural substan ce.In his turn, revolutionary american pamphleteer, Thomas Paine provoked Christian religion,saying:How Christianity differs from professing Deism.True"deist" has just one "Deity",and his religion consists in contemplating the power,wisdom, goodness of"deity "in all his works and endeavours,imitating all that is moral,scientific and mechanical.That Enlightenment perceives terms and words different proved David Hume,who said that the Christian religion has appeared invoking miracles,and can not be believed without miracles because reason is insufficient to convince us of the authenticity of Christianity. But how such miracles are a"violation of the laws of nature" and thus have a low probability to happen,an opinion is born in Hume's mind,which makes him wonder :What is likely,that a man rose from the dead,or that this testimony is wrong in some way?A superficial opinion about the nature and miracles, someone can say. Enlightenment deeply influen ced philosophy, politics and history since it appeared.If we look at modern history's beginning with the Enlightenment,we see that the great centers of power,and politicians who led them,were under the influ ence of this movement.Founding fathers of the United States ,Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin,Alexander Hamilton,George Washington and others were mostly masons. Even USA and it's Constitu tion and Amendments have hidden political agenda because the U.S. attacks and does not recognize noth ing but their own political system called "democracy",a diversion invented and run by Masons to control public life,disqualifying all political or religious philosophies, none of them being consi dered True and Re vealed,or superior to each other,all of them being beyond the competence of Science, their"official" philo sophy,only the Enlightenment ideas having the role to rebuild world history,contradict ing the biblical testi mony about past,present and future.Who are actually these "illustrious" Masons?Wherever Masonry appears it is causing reactions and controversy because it involves the reconstruction of state ,history and society.

Milions of Masons claim that they aim "constructivism",a moral ,economic, secular, rational improvement based on the  ideals of universal brotherhood , emancipation and metaphysical and esoteric"spiritual edification of the Temple of Solomon". Religi ous historians say that Masonry is a religious non comformism,a civil "natural" religi on,based on"reason", having its origins in the medieval guilds of ca thedral build ers as presented by their own MYTHS,where Masons took the symbols and rituals of real trends of the Temple of Solomon,namely that it is an image of the condition or state,and the"nature" in which we live. Architecture practiced by masons was first operative,then speculative,with admission of notable,influential members of society,foreign to construction trade.Lodges,or their synonyms ,Masonic Temples are adminis trative bodies to geographic regions,the actual building being a construction explai ned to new initiates as follows: Its length stretches from West to East,its width from North to South ,and height from Nadir to Ze nit,as the world or our reality. In them, masons are building the polity, promoting "humanitarian" projects, good character ,society, culture, pro gress,in a word,POLITICS.Even if they are promoting God as the Great Architect of the Universe, one can see that under these appearences,are hiding anti-Christi an and anti biblical practices.Masonry is divided into two independent and sovereign branches: Regular Grand Lodge branch,recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England,and the Liberal Lodges of the Grand Orient of France.Masonry has a dark side,says Albert Pike, having two doctrines,one secret and one public, the latter issued for initial levels,which most of members never pass.Alleged refusal of any dogmatism, actually hides a manipulation of the real goals, Masonry being an organization,of the the pyramidal type,with inner circles of"unknown superiors",where each level has its own ideology.Despite invoking God,faith is not based on the Bible,but on the other "revelations".Who believes that Jesus is"The Only Incarnated God,and Savior",is rebuked, because there are other religious leaders,brought to the same level,a thing used in the scenario of The Great Future Ecumenical Union,so appreciated by Masons.For this reason, a newcomer in the masonry has to repudiate Works and Grace of Christ and is urged to obtain salvation by works of chari ty and voluntary behavior, moral and civic performance,making him thus guilty of blasphemy and acceptan ce of a false  Gospel,lacking Jesus' intercession.Theories about conspiracies abou nd in Masonry,both in the religious and secular versions,with alleged plans to create a World Government with a Global Unitary State in which all nations would join,created by organizations such as:Bilderberg Gro up,Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations.A plan named"General reform of Humanity" has its origins in the early 17th century,within the Invisible College of the Society of Rosicrucians,composed of a group of 12 "natural" philosophers and other'satellite' groups,mentioned for example,by the chemist Robert Boyle in his corres pondence with other scholars of the time,interested in debates about a"New Science" as it was promoted by Francis Bacon in his work,New Atlantis,a new Theory of education,joined by the people like German-British polymath,Samuel Hartlib and Jan Comenius,czech educator.Francis Bacon,a con troversial figure,is the man which has invented "a model of description of the nature,able to produce large and amazing works for the benefit of mankind,called Solomon's House,Temple of Wisdom,The College six days work,from whose mysteries he SAID AS MUCH AS he has been qualified to say".Historical research su ggests the descent of the Masons from Rosicrucian Society,through a spirit that lasts 400 years.Chemist Robert Boyle and the Invisible College satellite groups have formed an extension that has influenced Aca demies of Science around the world called Royal Society. Societies for promoting the Science around the world,have had a model in Royal Society,which became"the chief scientific advisor of His Majesty's Govern ment ,later Advisor of the European Commission and United Nations".Among the illustrious characters, foun ders and followers, there is a little known man named"Chevalier"Michel de Ramsay,called"the pillar of Free masonry","the gray eminence"because it was the greatest propagator of this organization in 18century.Born in Scotland,sent to France for the purpose of organising the Masonry,named"the Great Orator of France" he was converted to Catholicism,after being born Protestant,had civil and theological studies,with protecti on of the great aristocracy,both Catholic and Protestant,admitted by Duke D'Orleans in St.Lazarus of Jeru salem Royal Milita ry Order,with the degree of"chevalier",becoming member of Royal Society along with Montesquieu and fre quenting literary clubs and scientific societies,in Paris and London,with prominent members,like Isaac Newton,John Gay,AlexanderPope,Fenelon,Rene D'Argenson,Lord Bolingbroke.His discour se in Paris(21mart 1737) earned him notoriety,revealing the international role of Freemasonry,being accredi ted with the introduction of the Knights Templar degrees,with "unknown superiors".His wish to be"of avail for Religion,State and Letters"led him to initiate Encyclopedia of Sciences,Arts and Crafts",Diderot and D'Alambert accepting his ideas.The interesting thing that discovers the spirit which lead him,is the definiti on of the ONLY GOAL or purpose of the Masonry.Quote: Freemasonry is an institution whose only aim is close of the spirits and hearts,to make them better,and FORMING through time of a SPIRITUAL nation whe re, without any deviation from the various duties required by the specific differences between states ,WILL BE CREATED A NEW PEOPLE,which, considering this,will strengthen the ties of virtue and knowledge "So,this is what Masonry works !?!?!The old satanist plan of building"The Tower of Babel "from Genesis chap ter11,for world union and supremacy,kept hidden and tri complicated to be achieved peacefully by dervi shes of Masonry, the high priests of Globalization. Globalization is the new Religion and the new State, which promotes the spiritual blindness of mankind,and ecclesiastical allusion is not accidental, because Masonic altar builds a State,a conception of the world at the expense of the Christian conception,being offered new corrupted ethics and perverted reasons, related to ecology,culture, tolerance and human rights. Creation of a single nation,requires an historical disorientation by rewriting of the history and repla cement of revealed religion with "natural" one,because religion is one of the oldest "ethical principles" underlying conceptions of the world,launched attacks targeting the overthrow of the old values ​​and global homogenization of cultures.Tactics are used, victims being thrown in a moral universe unknown to them and then their mind is configured with modernity,arming them with new landmarks, certainties and slogans. Disclosures within Masonry are showing that agents of influence are used,to accede to power in different institutions,such as those of education,mass media,churches, state(in Ger many,universities were centers of the Enlighten ment,Aufklarung,Catholics doing the same)working to "flood the meanings".Roger Leray, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France, said at the Laicity Celebrations in 1981,after promising free doms over freedoms ,that:"In the world economy, political relations,in hospitals or barracks,as in the State itself,are constituted elites, bureaucracies, technocracies,and nomenclatures,which are fitted with their own mechanisms, using their dogmas,to impose their truths,the first of them being that no one should comment the ORDER they are building".It is well known that many neo protestant church leaders were Masons,there is even a saying that affirms : "Sects are the flower children (bastards)of Freemasonry" . Besi de sovereigns,industrialists ,officers,Catholic prelates,among whom we find John Wesley,founder of Method ism,Joseph Smith,founder of Mormonism,and even William Miller,the initiator of Adventism,there are many other politicians in their ranks.Since many Protestant churches like Lutheran,Calvinist,Reformed and Angli can are"getting along very well"with the masonic spirit,it's not surprising that the Ecumenical Movement began in 1910 with the Edinburgh Missionary Conference,which proposed a"noble work across denominatio nal lines".In 1949 it was created formal organization called the World Council of Churches, joined by Protes tant,Orthodox and Catholic observers.Until 1999,some representati ves of the Lutheran World Federation and Roman Catholic Church,have already signed a Common Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, "solving"the roots of the  Protestant Reformation conflict.Despite divergences in the past,we will see soon a Masonic Catholic reconciliation based on a doctrinal ecumenism. The "stratagem "to unite all the peoples,before the Second Coming of Jesus is prophesized in the book of Dani el(2,41-45)in exposure about evolution of world empires in in chapters2,7,8.Beside "smooth" steps, masonry with warring political inspi ration,has showed her true face throughout history in many episodes such are: french and american Revo lutions,Adam Weishaupt's (1748-1813)Bavarian Illuminati,italian and french Carbona ri,national revoluti ons of1848's,the Crimean war,the fall of communism, after'90's .Western "block reflex es" are the fruit of the Masonic spirit  and the enemy, A,no.1 is Rusia.In Machiavelli's "realistic"theory about the State, strength and power,not justice,are the essence of the State,becoming the supreme and final argument, the Right being sanctioned by applying physical force. Promoters of"New World Order",aimed at creating World Globalist State,are using "hardpower"ie the power of weapons,and techno logy in which they excel,in order to obtain political goals.Military solutions,not safe nor easy,make them use"soft power" methods,ie the co-option by finance and diplomacy.Political scientist Maurice Duverger made ​​apology of "European civilization",saying:"...Europe has made known to the world,human rights and democracy, values ​​above all others,that have to OVERCOME ,cultures yet rebellious to their universality". This has resulted in known wars and revolutions,of current period(esteuropean and arab "springs"),after a model developed by NATO, named Gladio,against a possible Soviet occupation.In his turn,Catholicism has long struggled with Free masonry,only liberalization brought by Council Vatican 2,seems that has soften tough attitude towards masons .Croatian cardinal Franjo Seper was the initiator of a new interpretation of the Code of Canonic law from 1917,which aimed canon 2335,no longer automatically prohibiting membership in Freemasonry, except cases where was known that the "region"was hostile toward Church.Later,John Paul 2nd,issued in 1982,a new Codex Iuris Canonici,which annulled the excommunication,canon 1374 no longer explicitly calling Free masonry a secret society to blame,which is considered today by some,as a waiver of intertdicti on.The situation has changed due to 33 degree Mason,Baron Yves Marsaudon,who initiated the dialogue with the papal nuncio in Paris,Cardinal Roncalli,later Pope John XXIII,who initiated Council Vatican 2. Opera tion "Ecumenism"was started aiming to assimilate all Christian denominations,by infiltration and placement of a Pope in the head of a new World Religion.After pope Paul VI,John Paul II,took seriously the role of "Messi ah",many visits,events and"outrageous"statements,as was kissing of the Koran,the statement about evolution ,participation in pagan events on different continents,propaganda offensives,etc,have caused scandals,and revealed a new strategy of the Vatican.Along with Free masonry,Catholicism has become, after  Council Vatican II,the biggest global plotter group and by association with"international jewish bankers"from Federal Reserve System,the U.S.Central Bank,and Bank of England,from the London's City,these"milk bro thers"united by mediated reconciliation of Jules Isaac and Cardinal Bea(born Beheim),are controlling"foun tain of credit"of dollars printed without coverage(MAMMON,wealth,spirit,deity)(deficit 16trillion$).


This so-called SINARCHY(gr.joint rule) unknown to general public,is mentioned in conspiracy theories where it is spoken of a"secret elite" from esoteric secret socie ties that actually rules the world in an informal way.Masons,progressive Catholics, and international bankers,are working to promote the"modernist heresy"based on conventional wisdom called Science with a formalist antithesis of a SINGLE religion, the ultimate goal being a world social-centralized administration.Stalinist funeral of Pope Wojtyla,officiated by americanoid Irish-Catholic presidents,failed to conceal counterfeit spirituality that is trying to replace the Spirit of Christ,threatening,subjugating,destroying rival political systems,dis mantling states,borders,identities,beliefs,relying on conservative clerofascist circles,in the"diagonal" which starts in South America,passing through Portugal,Spain,France,Switzerland,Italy,Croatia,Hungary,Poland and the Baltic states,being funded by the U.S.Catholic Democrats.Soon,the center of the largest institutional organization of power on earth,the Vatican,will abolish all excommunications and anathemas,and will call all people to a natural religion of love.Then,the Protestants will not have what to protest,and will not know to addres the MUTILATION of Christ,World Principle,irrational mixture of religious prejudices will pass as"mathematically proven scientific truth".Small concession demanded by the Papacy,Celebration of Sunday ,as the "Day of the Lord",instead of the biblical Sabbath,will go unnoticed.Who will condemn this Apostasy, unless those doing the work of prophet Elijah at the end times,denouncing the worship of false gods'princi ples,by a solemn declaration,in the spirit of the Three Angels'Messages,exposing real Conception of the wo rld,with criteria:EN ARCHE EHO LOGOS!