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                                               SCIENTIFIC  CONCEPTION OF THE WORLD 

Modern Science is a product of history,a catastrophic product,someone could say,and the"RealScience" might be something totally different.This is happening becauseReligion is presented as being the oldest U TOPIA in the world.Scientific Revolution of modern times is promoted as best plan and modality to impara dise humans.But only superficial people would accept something like that.Initially directed toward Religion ,man did not resisted,doubling his personality in realities which appear lacking the logical strictness,to a Science  that cannot discern them.Incapable to penetrate the universals of religious discourse,Science"dis covers"errors and naivety.Faraway from exclusively simplifying and denying the benefits of honest research ,we have to point out the shortcomings of Science,which denies and keeps under pressure primary aspec ts oflife.The status of Science is oriented in support of  political ideology and serves as a tool in manipula ting human mind.Arrogance of holding absolute truth,proved in case of Science as just as illusory,must be targeted with vigorous and final appeal against her palisade philosophy(We are the best!)At the beginning of the third millennium,devilish truth which is called Science,stands out as a central element in society, be cause determines the social policy.By process of modernization we understand social development in socie ty including political,economical,cultural,religious changes,often called progress,cultural industrialization, westernization, miraculously transforming countries and continents succeeding where colonialism and militarism failed, changing society and culture,bringing new values ​​and ethical reasons to entire nations , gaining ground against traditionalism.Integration and adaptation to a changing world,presses and requires denial of old culture and traditions,process of modernization being also a proper way of handling and creating a domination in society.Programming and modernization of society is run by technocratic and bu reaucratic structures,while a less privileged part of society does not participate in the system of organiza tion and decision-making, because  lacks the information and education,Science becoming then a tool in fencing the participation of entire nation in political management of the society.When national hierarchi cal structures become obso lete,being replaced by informal groups,we find that globalization processes de cide our fate with out us rea lizing it. Messianity of Science and its product, Technology,promoted by the western captains of industries ,is part of the arsenal of the "Strategic Action Centers", runned by those who want to conquer the world. First forms of popular"mystic"Science in written history are coming from Middle East and Egypt with magi and Alchemy. Episodes from book ofDaniel,are showing that emperor Nabuchadnezzarof Babylon,in a major state crisis,appeals to the magi of the Babylon,who were a sacerdotal or priestly caste,considered best "Scientists"of the time,because they were having knowledge of"holy hieroglyphs"(letters)like Egyptian magici ans from Exodus7 ;11,22 in service of Pharaoh. That doesn't mean that they were"literary gifted"being initia ted in the literature of old sanskritVedas,or other zoroastrian writings,knowing only"sacred ancient "writ ings.Their deeds and status are suggesting that they were"wise men"(Mat.2;1,traditionally),"spin doctors" and"factotum",having ability to manipulate the fate,being known as"magicians" because they were doing ma gic things,having knowledge and powers of spiritual nature.Wise men from Nabuchadnezzar's troublesome prophetic dream episode almost lost their life,because God blocked them to gain interpretation,mistery be ing revealed ina vision only to prophet Daniel.Magi were specialists in Astrology and Alchemy,among others, the latter being a Science revealed to humans by mythical scientist and king of Egypt,named Hermes Trisme gistus,known also for his metamorphoses asThoth,the scribe of underworld gods,inventor of sciences and writing,assimilated by Greeks as Hermes,later by Romans asMercury,the one with caduceus, venerated also as Kadmos,the hero who gave alphabet to the Greeks.Classical Greek philosophy disappears in 529. A.D,wi th the abolition ofthe last school in Athens.Tortuous path of knowledge winds through the heart of oddity which is called Alchemy,considered today a pseudo-science because operates in "different realities",the technical one

and a mystical one.That does not mean it has to be qualified as irrational and logically groundless because with certainty was involved in deciphering technical methods and practical applications,as an experimental discipline,it has built technology and craftsmanship,and has released products such as glass,porcelain, gunpowder,dyes,metals,drugs,etc.Alchemy is considered today an obstacle in path of science because of the goals,used symbols and allegories,which seem ab surd in the light of modern materialistic reasoning.Charlatans who professed Alche my had stained it's reputation,by aiming only enrichment and fame,but Alchemy pretends to be at the base ,a natural Science,possessing knowledge of hidden properties of matter,aiming to achieve the transmutati on of common metal elements to obtain the perfect one,that is gold.HermesTrismegistus started from theo ries saying that matter is reducible to a common constituent, universal substance called Hyle or"materia pri ma",fit to acquire all forms,and that the decomposition and regeneration of"materia prima",brings into exis tence the "Philosopher'sStone"(lapis philosophorum) . Incubation into a furnace cal led Athanor,of ordinary matter followed by baking,sublimation, calcination,etc (called MagnumOpus)gets rid of her coarse,corrup ted material body and red powder obtained, named "Philosopher'sStone" operates "projection",that is disag gregation of base metals such as lead,copper, mercury or silver into noble gold (chrysopoeia)by this being operated so called "transmutation".Before we come to modern chemists,Antoine Laurent Lavoisier being the first of them(1743-1794),we must mention the controversy of the eighteenth century,named "phlogiston theory",which is blamed by Science for guiding to the wrong tracks for a century.This theory originated

 from the study of combustion ,which german physi cianJ.J.Becher(1635-1682)was interested in,because he throught reality is based on a"flammable" principle,name ly fire (seeHeraclitus) Combustion is only a release of phlogiston(gr.phlox=flame, something like electricity or magnetism)Becher said,calling his theory"terra pingu is",but quarter of a century la ter appeared another doctor, G.E.Stahl (1660-1734) who changed theory's name into"phlogiston theory" explaining that a chemical substance, subject to heating for removal of volatile compounds, reveals,in addition,an obtained weight that must be the phlogiston in question.Only Lavoisier explained this,in fact,natural phe nomenon called oxidation,which is the accumulation of oxygen from the air on the metal surface,thereby removing phlogis ton theory from Science.Lavoisier founded modern chemistry by his Treatise on Elementary Chemistry1789 

the pendant to the work of IsaacNewton from 1687"Mathematical principles of natu ral philosophy"which laid the foundation for physics with"The law of universal gravi tation".Lavoisier is the autor of"The law of conservation of matter"(1789)(Matter can not be created or destroyed)The energy conservation law being written by other three scientists: Nicolas Leonard SadiCarnot (1796-1832) author of the2nd principle of Thermodynamics,another being J.R.von Mayer(1814-1878)who developed the theo retical side of"the law of conservation and transformation of energy",followed by Hermann Helmholtz (1821-1894) who completed the mathematical side of "the law of conservation and transformation of energy".The ir conclusion was:We can not create or destroy energy,only it's form is altered(1stlaw of Thermodynamics) From the biblical perspective,this conception of matter and energy is false, because does  not take into account the Principle of God,theLogos,theWord of God,which assist,adds and makes things of the world to

 appear,"giving place to everything".Biblical texts say that both matter and ener gy were created instantaneously by the Word of God,reporting that breadloaves ,fish (Mat.15.33to38),oil(2Kings4,2 to 7, 4.42 to44) were appearing miraculously,by spiritual powers, An gels and people traveled in heaven(Gen18.10 to15,Josh5,13to 15,Acts8.39to40). Stoicheia elements made Elisha's ax to float on water or genera ted strong east wind and lifted the Red Sea so that Jews and Moses might pass on dry ground,in turn,masonic Science raises only mentality barriers in favor of anti biblical ideology and belief systems. Above mentioned theories are prior to"atomist theory"ofJohnDalton(1776-1844),an english physicist,chemist and naturalist who developed in1803-04"The law of multple proportions"that underlies the Atomist Conception of the world.These laws are fundamental benchmarks of the Materialism that havebeen 

built in current scientific view of the world,where matter is organized in a wide vari ety, with the subatomic particles at one end, on the other being the life.These the ories,raised at level of truism have born the microcosmic and macrocosmic vision of the universe with "simple connections"of atoms.But unsolved problems of these the ories are persisting, here are some:-a theory to explain life,the difference between organic and inorganic-a viable theory of elementary particles-a theory of microcosm and macrocosm fundamental laws-an episthemological theory of brain activity,at least,-a theory of the uni verse  or multiverse di mensions-a unifying theory of scientific disciplines.Science of atomistic materialism cannot solve these hu ge problems, with all the methods of investigation and explanation,her bravado not being able to demon  strate the infinity and materiality of the world.In scientific vision,matter is unconditio nal, unique,primary reality,becoming the basis of all phenomena of existence having objective reasons in the laws of  the nature, matter being an homogeneous,inert substance,with undetermined substrate,with an eternal nature, be yond(uncreated but transformed by)the Big Bang,existing by its own possibility.Just form of the matter changes,varies and turns up to the level of life , nothing existing beyond appearances.In search of causal-lo gical structure and system configuration of matter,materialism reduces matter to"the smallest quantity of an item that still preserves the property"called ATOM.Other scientists such as Mende leev,Avogadro,Gay Lus sac brought additions to this theory.H.ALaurentz ,GeorgeJ.Stoney,J.JThomson,Ja mesChadwick, Hideki Jukawa postulated particles constituting the atom,BASED ON ASSUMPTIONS, each PRE DICTING either elec trons,neutrons,or mesons,but as if Some one is preparing ordeals for them, scien tists are waking up with problems instead of simplifying things in their particle accelerators,which are bombar ding and dividing deep intimacy of atoms.If in early 1900's there were three types of fundamental particles ,today there are hund reds(even500),which are erupting spontaneously into existence and appear from no where,causing confusi on and uncertainty.Fundamental constituents of matter are considered the families of six quarks and six leptons.Quarks are known as:u,d,e,s,t,b,and leptons are: electrons,muons, taus,and their corres ponding neutrinos?!?Who wants,can add:bosons,mesons,fermions, hadrons ,and a bit of pions and positro ns.And to be enlightened one can add photons.Surely,there are"contingent"forms of the above ,with properties that differentiate them.But simplistic truth is that SCIENCE IS SENSORY SURPASSED and in vestigations on the ulti mate structure of the matter is PURE SPECULATION in the absence of credible ins truments,even if it sounds good in the syncretism of the NUMBERS.Aggregates,divisions and subdivisions of matter are impossib le to detect and prove as real existence with atomic force and in their absence are being issued only"as sumptions"based on inference and blind faith in human conceptual structures.Atomism with its host of par ticles and their ways,does not accept other realities,but cannot answer,for example, among others,how the field forces propagate in space vacuum,so,we have reasons to believe that the ori gin of reality lies in a form of energy from yet undetected system,may be such as Stoicheia elements of the heaven's interface.Atomist materialism is guilty before the Bible,of the creation,beside atheism,of a subter fuge more danger ous,still undetected,inserted in the minds of Christians since the days of Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes,namely a dualist syncretist ontology,in which reality is composed of two parallel series of phenomena,with out mutual determination.By so-called DEISM,it is suggested thatGod created the world ,then disappeared over the sidelines,without getting involved,not exercising any inward functions in rea lity and people's life.ThusGod becomes a"transitional"causality as named by Baruch Spinoza,different and beyond matter He created from outside,being not an"immanent"causality,shown in the other extreme cal led"pantheism",in which is encompassed in nature,but devoid of personality.Image of the"world"was crea ted with geographical discoveries pushing the limits of the known world (geocentric universe of Claudius Ptolemy)Europe being set up to establish dominance overthe rest of the world.Myths and stories of fabulo us countries(the riches of King Solomon,travels of MarcoPolo),navigation techniques and innovations (stern rudder,latin sail,the compass and astrolabe)have sparked the desire of wealth, especially Portuguese and

Spanish Catholic kings(Prince Henry the Navi gator,Ferdinandand Isabella) which ,after the Treaty of Tordesillas1494, (Portugal got Brazil,Spain got all beyond, namely Inca and Aztec empires)have sent conquis tadors and explorers to con quer the riches of the world,most famous of them being :VascodaGama(discove red India),Christopher Columbus(discovered America)Cortes,Pizarro,or Ferdinand  Magellan(makes the first trip around the world, proving that the earth is round) Until the16th century geographical knowledge accumulates,appearing inMercator's atlas,the anatomical knowledge appears in works of AndreasVesalius and WilliamHarvey,the astronomy in the works of Coperni cus(heliocentric system)GalileoGalilei,Kepler,TychoBrahe,Giordano Bruno,etcGutenberg printed his first Bib le in1450,printing later becoming the most rapid way of spreading ideas,used for example in the fight against Catholicism by Protestants.During this period appear,fir st,Renaissance artists and humanists of the 14-th century,introducing germs of anthropocentrism and modern times,and critics of the Bible,(Lorenzo Valla,TommasoCampanella)who are trying to marginalize the authority of religious texts,full of profane fic tions,temporary beliefs and hypertrophy of biblical themes,showing interest instead especially in Greek antiquity.Reconfirmation by Counter-Reformation of Catholic abuses and doctrine is opposed by Luther's justification by faith,and"literaryScience"ofHumanism.Modernist opponents of the Vatican,and their think ing that lives up to this day,makes them believe,as the clergymen before them,that they're owners of absolute truth and no one can pull them out of it.Scientific revolution started by Copernicus in16th centu ry,has its first"martyrs of Science"inGiordano Bruno andGalileoGalilei,who popularized his heliocentric cos mological revolution.Science,divorced from Bible,continued with theories of Marquis Buffon(sun colliding with a comet has born planets)then Kant-Laplace hipothesis(planets condensed from a primitive nebula). Nebulae clouds mentioned in Magellan's diary and Arabic writings,expanded the boundaries of known and stationary"universe",later(1927)was added the"expanding"universe of Belgian priest astronomer Georges Le maitre,which said that the universe created itself without apparent reasons,in his"hypothesis of primeval atom",an explosion named later BigBang byFredHoyle,ironically, generating order,world,life,despite the laws of thermodynamics(entrophy)Provisional and relative truth of rigid scientific dogmatism continues with the claims difficult to verify of EdwinHubble's theory,the redshift proportional to distances of galaxies ,presen ted as proof of the Big Bang,but which is contested by others as Alton Arp and Wi lliamG.Tifft. Astro physi cist George F.Ellis is saying that scientific theories are not true or false but applicable to captured pheno mena, while the inadequate phenomena are swept under the carpet waiting the development of other theories. There are a number of models in history of Science presented as cumulative evolution.In 1912 parallel continental coasts make AlfredWegener to issue"Continental drift"theory.In Genesis10,25 and 1Chr on1,19 we find a testimony from the drift time,when Eber,by who's name are called Jews,naming one of his sons Peleg(division,after the Earth was divided) .About the phenomenon of life,scientists have sown a world of prejudices,saying that we know almost all of it.Nothing more untrue,because physico chemical pheno mena can not explain life,the atoms are identical both in the living matter and inert one.In modern times cathodic anesthesia of media channels(Discovery,CNN)presents Religion as unscientific,confused,ridiculo us,while Science does not present any doubt.There are debates of evolution and development of mat ter, of the universe,although  there is no evidence but only presupositions.Idea that matter created itself,its particles being more supernatural than the  ancient creative gods,creating life through a progression on multiple and different levels, based only on disturbance is too simplistic.Evolutionary perspective is pervasi ve in society where only matter,close to human senses,is declared as the only form of existence,where the  physis(gr.nature)coming from gr.phyo,to grow,denotes a substance in the making,seen as evolution.Abio genesis(biopoesis),the formation of life from non-living matter has its roots in antiquity,and is continued with"Spontaneous generation"and"Vitalism"(distinct from phisico chemical reactions,driven by avital force) untilPasteur.Problem of appearance of life has been proposed for solving by many scientists,namely Oparin ,Haldane,with their"Primordial soup",then the experiment Miller-Urey,with amino acids and proteins"crea ted"in simulated conditions of prehistory,Bungenberg deJong,with his coacervate,lifegerms traveling from space(panspermia)propelled by"light pressure"or on meteorites like Murchinson(1969),from Mars,were pro posed by Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius.Evolutionary theory was preceded by blunders from Pantheon of biological theories such as:Geological doctrine of Uniformitarianism(geological actualism)promoted by Ja mes Hutton andCharles Lyell,saying that present is the key to the past.Catastrophism,validated in modern times(Mt.St. Helen's,1980)led to rejection and diminishing of the importance of doctrine,as well as so-cal led GeologicColumn(of index fossils layers and circular reasoning).Discovery of missing layers,reversed layers (modern under ancient)led to denial of the doctrine.Lamarchism,theJean BaptisteLamarck'stheory,is stating that acquired characteristics in life are transmitted to biological offspring.Ernst Haeckel in the 19th centu ry stated that Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny.Someone could  deduce that this would be obvious sign to a common ancestry,but the unity of the living world is not evidence of relatedness through evolution, but the similarity in the same biological and physical environment,not derivation by homology.Phylogene tics,evolutionary relatedness of organisms "discovered" through molecular sequencing and Morphology visu alized in Tree of Life,is disproved by many as Marcel Paul Schutzenberger,who said that Darwin 's theory re quires an"active principle"of coordination between the typographic space of macro molecules(DNA,RNA) and biological space of beings,absent in this theory.Morphological complexity doesn't corellate with size of human genome,or hereditary information(less than 30.000 characters of 100.000 expected by Crick and Wat son,the two discoverers of DNA chemical structure.Someone could say that only Logos could be that Princi ple.Charles Darwin,the tourist on the Beagle,invented Evolutionism and his arguments'weak link is"natural selection",which states that some species are capable to evolve,while other are not,the mechanism not be ing explained,seen inTHE MYTHof genetic determinism.G.L.Stebbins,geneticist,said that no biologist has ob served the evolution of an important group of organisms,and evolutionist,dr.Stephen Gould from Harvard, admits that in practice,every paleontologist knows from Cuvier onward that species do not change,as fossil  records do not show gradual change,but layers showthat evolutionists throw half of the records and evidence generating a theater of manipulation for the effect of ambiguity and teledirected opinion.In the absence of evidence of transitional fossils,interested artists are using "generous drawings"in clichee atta cks,such as"monkey-people".Such manipulative"superbities"are framed in"credible"chronologies as are geo logical column,index fossils and circular reasoning,or radiometric dating of radioactive disagregation,a "pla usible natural clock",popularized as compelling evidence,even if it has latent errors,the rate of formation/ decomposition not being constant.Through empirical and positivist approach,which is only a sensory(physi cal)experience,we lack the opportunity to meet,to observe more difficult(introspective)elements of the Genesis and Structure of reality,whether is microcosmic or macrocosmic.