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                                                    SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH DILEMMAS


Christian Seventh-day AdventistChurch is a NEO PROTESTANT Church founded in mid 19-th century.Advenist doctrine is based on the fundamental 28points formulated in ​​a Statement of faith that contains elements of supreme beliefs about God,Creation,man,Salvation,Church,christian life and the final eschatological events .But the greatest achievement of the adventist doctrine,beside the observance ofthe biblical Sabath,is the Sanctuary doctrine and Christ's ministry,which differentiates Adventism from other evangelical denomina tions.Adventist doctrine development has started in the Millerite movement,after the Great Disappointme nt of 1844,when the cleansing of the Sanctuary,in the text in Daniel 8,14-16 initially interpreted as a"clean sing of Earth by apocalyptic fire",was later reinterpreted as a cleansing of the Sanctuary in"heaven",a place ,distant from our planet,in outer space,located between the"celestial bodies",which are interpreted as the stars and planets of observable universe,as described by atomist materialism.This interpretation was introdu uced in some versions of the Bible,where,for example in 2Pet.3,10, Stoicheia elements are called "heavenly bodies"and interpreted as planets and suns,WHICH IS AN ABERRATION,because"Stoicheia elements"are spirit ual powers,signs,letters ofGod'sWord,with which God writes the status or condition of world things or"uni versals",not with quills,but with these powers,in interface called "heaven",in "Book of life"(Revelation3;5 and 20;12)To understand this error,we must go back to the BEGINNING,and William Miller,a mason,as he,himself, confesses in his autobiography,that,as a self-taught person,has gained general knowledge attending Maso nic circles,and reading DEIST literature.It is suggested in this interpretation,that there is in deep space, the True Sanctuary,built by God,where Jesus intercedes as High Priest,a view that is formal truth but wro ng in content(PARALOGISM),the RealTruth being that we live in that True Sanctuary which is NOT far away ,it is RIGHT HERE in a multiplex space structure,which is a difference in the Fund of thinking,thing Miller ites were not aware and AdventistsARE NOT EVEN TODAY.The Principle of the world is the Logos:En Arche en ho Logos!and it's Pradigm is Sanctuary given tothe Jews,a type of the TrueOne,located in heavens,in he avenly interface in which can be opened doors and windows,as in aHouse(John14,2)made ​​of Stoicheia ele ments,as revealed by the terms,Ikos(verse)Oikos(house)Oikumene(world)an umbrella term.What delusion, what ignorance in modern day Adventism!Not knowing of the existence of Stoicheia elements,Hiram Edson, O.R.L.Crossier,James White and E.G.White have developed the ABERRANT doctrine of "investigative judge ment",which is understandable for early 19century,but today Adventist Church must confront and adress the general demandings of masonic Science which has totally cornered Religion since then.The philosophy of Masonic origin of William Miller,the initiator of Adventist doctrine,has at his base the DEIST deductions and influences.After rejecting Baptist "legacy",MillerBECAME DEIST.In his biography,he says:"I met important people in town(Poult neyN.Y.)who professedDEISM,and were good citizens with serious moral standings. They put in my hands the works of Voltaire,Hume,Paine,Ethan Allen and other DEIST authors.(Apology and Defence.William 24)We can assume that"important individuals"took him in Masonic brotherhood, where it has been said that due to manifested perseverance he reached"the highest levels"that regional Masonic lodge can give. Beside biographer Sylvester Elis' statements such informations are ignored.Whitney R.Cross specifies that Miller was"Royal Arch"Mason but does not reveal the source and details.(The Burned-over District,A Social and Intellectual HistoryofEnthusiasticReligion inWestern New York. Whitney R. Cross page288)H.Y.Smith and W.S. Rann,editors of1886,History of Rutland County, Vermont,with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches of Some of it's prominent Men&Pioneers,affirms that rev.William Miller is one of the first 51 individuals from the"List of Mr.Clarke"from those who were prominent in the"Order"in the Rutland region.Miller,listed under the name"capt.Miller" is presented as one of the"initial masters"of Morning Star Lodge-Nr.27. Poultney Lodge was closed in 1832 after anti-Masonic fervor,but in a letter to his friend Truman Hendryx,from 17nov. 1832 ,Miller enjoys dissolution of anti-Masonic movement.(quoted from:The Burned-over District.A Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in Western New York.W.R. Cross,page123)It is clear that William Miller is a product of a way of interpreting the Bible foreign to the conception that exists inThe Holy Book,but closer to the vision that Masons have offered when they star ted"General Reform of Mankind"by spreading their philosophy called DEISTIC SCIENCE.Scientific method is generalized from the second half of the19th century on,and Adventism is unable to ADRESS any of it's claims,clichees and stereotypes,losing the decisive authority in society,Science rendering Social Policy and Ethics.Destructive heresy of2Pet.2,1 and Jude4,the denial, disclaim and offense against God,is so installed, FALSE PRINCIPLE IS CLAIMED,natural law is declared as implacable,and God and His powers are banished. Adventists claim to be epigones of Elijah,the prophet who foreshadowed the faithful Remnant from the end time that will fight for the Honor of God, denouncing the false beliefs and affirming the Supreme Authority of God in the world,in the Spirit of Three Angels' Messages.Adventism must choose bet ween compromise with MASONIC pagan ideology of Deism and ONTOLOGICAL CRITERIA of the Bible,THE ARCHE called -LOGOS! All Adventists should PUBLICLY desist Deist teachings,the Atomist Principle,Naturalism, the WATCHMAKER ON THE BEACH ARGUMENT,theory of Intelligent Design,theory of Irreducible Complexity,and raise Church Banner of God'sTruth,that says : EN ARCHE EN HO LOGOS! (Isa.11;10-12)