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We live in a world that is requiring our commitment in solving problems what appear in our lives,and to achi eve this,we need basic knowledge of reality that sorrounds us.To establish goals an objectives,one must know it's environment,to foresee the possibilities and the range of his being.To be balanced and healthy, every one has to know the origin and source of his being,enabling him to undersand the purpose of his exis tance. Our world was percieved since ancient times as full of question marks,unknown and mystery. Many civilizations have elaborated world views and conceptions of themselves,on different meridians and indiffe rent times have been issued theories and explanations about the origin of mankind and many religious doc trines and philosophies have tried to explain it's purpose.That's why,although from childhood his reason  is subjugated to questions and urged to seek answers,man can not be but only cought by the many teachings that contradict themselves.Subject of elaborating a world view is so important that interes ted global cen ters of power are deli berately promoting through mass media,scientific and cultural sincretism and eclec ticism,intended to carry a psychological warfare,aiming to conquer the human mind.New World Order (No vus Ordo Seclorum(new order ages,generations),printed even on the dollar bill) is a political project that wants destructuration of ethnocentric personality,and destruction of old statutes of the soci ety as are religion,beliefs,freedom of thought,morality, right,identity and borders,in a word,the conception of the world.Clichees and stereotypes of apparent wisdom in mass media,have become controllers of public life, with a role in undermining and changing history,princi ples,morality,presenting ideological UNITARISM (uni polar world)as the only alternative in crisis that prolifera tes.Weltanschauung theory of Wilhelm von Hum boldt(later called Linguistic Relativity hypothesis)teaches us that internal(mental) and external (spoken) lan guage is an organon of world view,and a matrix of life,someone would say,and that answers of the funda mentals of man,as are good or evil,truth or falsehood,illusion or reali ty,that give meaning and purpo se to existance,are revealing the mind as the instrument of thought,reflecting reality and it's components. Mind involves generalization and ordering of knowledge by organizing words, term, expressions,concepts, rules, laws,by whose analysis and verification is searched the TRUTH,which is the sub ject,and the basic purpose of thinking.Throughout history,TRUTH has been presented in many ways and fier ce battles were fought, in which philosophies,doctrines and ideologies were staggered,one after another, of ten with tragic conseq uences.In the multitude of theories and conceptions of the world that are known today, distinguishing it self from others,as the WITNESS of our BEGINNING and descent ,stands the Bible,a book that wants to gui de us through the course of historical events.The Beginning is the most important event in every process, work or development,because is conditioning further evolution,being catalyst of any acti on and it's end. This affirmation is not a witticism,but belongs to the purest scientific theory of elaborating a conception of the world.There are many conceptions about the world,based on different cosmogonies and cosmogra phies, one example being the conception from Astrology and Zodiac,which says that there is a microgravity that influ ences the horoscopes or destinies of people,by stars according to their layout in the ring or Ecliptic of the zodiac constellations in the sky.Other conception is from The TibetanBook of the Dead, which speaks of cosmic principle called Karma,that conditions the Reincarnations,the world being cente red on Mount Meru,which has seven rings of water and soil around it,having continents on all four cardinal points while southern is inhabited by the Tibetans,the whole world being locked in an iron shell of  egg shape.Scientific conception  has a different cosmogony,Universe coming to existence after so called Big Bang,an explosion by compressed matter,which created  principle of Atomism.The Bible in it's turn says that God is the Creator(Poietes)and Sustainer of Creation(Poiein)by the Logos from water pou ring out of HisThrone,in a conception where World(Oikumene)is Verse(Ikos)andHouse(Oikos)and that God used the Stoikeion elements that are spiritual powers having the connotation of letters of the alphabet,to make the reality in structure,form and significations of Jerusalem Temple .