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                                               BIBLICAL CONCEPTION OF THE WORLD

Biblical conception of the world has it's origins in revelations,made by God and His servants,directly,as it is shown,among others,in books of Ezekiel1,orRevelation(Apocalipse1;1),etc.,and indirectly,through writings of inspired people(Dan.9;2).Being an ethical,moral,philosophical,political base of human society,the Bible has  gained the right to be taken very seriously as a system that explains history and nature of our reality,oppo sing FICTITIOUS Science.God hasgiven a form of intuitive Science(Mat.10,19-20)through Spirit,to Adam while he was naming animals,as shown in Genesis2;19-20,but the main teachings were those related to using an AL TAR,and after,those given toMoses and David,related to building of a SANCTUARY,first as a tent in wilder

ness later as a stone building called Temple of Jerusalem.There are two people in history,Moses and king Da vid,the only two people asking God to show them His paths.Just imagine what that means,if you ask someone like God to show you His paths, whe re He is and goes,even if we don't see Him.The answer given to these people was in a form of a plan for a building.It is interesting that two men say they are not authors or inventors of this architectural structure,but have received pattern direc tly from God (1Chron.28,19 ;Acts7;44Hebr .8,5.Paradigm of Sanctuary continues discoveries given by God in teachings about altar,which is a gateway to"heaven",an interface,nexus,with the world "beyond " ,each ga te of theTemple having it's altar.Judges13;19-20,shows how an angel enters "heavens"through Manoah's al tar'sflame.From the dream episode(Genesis 28;17) with Jacob's Ladder and Beth-El stone which opens "hea ven's gate",continues Mediterranean tradition of Baetylus (hebr.Beth-El,House of God) stones,of which the  most-known are Omphalos (gr.navel)stones like Navel of the World (Foundation Corner stone under the Do me of the Rock,on Temple Mount in Jerusalem),or Black Stone( al-Aswad) from Mecca,descri bed wrong as meteorite probably in connection with word"heaven",because of Muhammad's conveyance

through heavens from Mecca to Jerusalem.Other biblical episodes such as water gushing rock from Mas sah and Meribah(Exod17,6)or rocks from haunted houses , unclean not with mildew but with STOICHEIA elements or rudiments,described  in the Levitic14, 35-57,are confirming the existence of Baetylus stones.The essence of biblical teachings lies in the structure,works and services performed in daily or annual cycle in religious ceremonies related to offerings and appointed feasts of communion with God.Christians generally are reluctant to understand thework performed by the Hebrew priests and Levites in theTemple of Jerusalem and usually find that there is an ANTINOMY between the Old and NewTestament.God intended to give through Sanctuary an intuitive TEA CHING so that every Jew could understand the work of intercession of the High Priest and the work of the Sacrificial Lamb,both representing in smaller scale,theMessiah as Lamb of God and High Priest in Hea venly Temple,in the great PLAN OF SALVATIONof mankind,in terrible war with SIN. Service in the Moses' San ctuary in the wilderness,consisted in a daily cleansing that the priests and Levi tes,ordained by God, perfor med for the entire people of Israel.Ordinary Jew had to come up with a lamb, and by laying his hands on vic tim's  head confessed  his  sins transferring them over the  Sacrificial Lamb representing  Messiah whose blood was then sprinkled on the Curtain or Vail separating the Holy from Holy of Holies, so that guilt was                                                                                                                                                                   

transferred over the Sanctuary(Lev.4;Lev.5). Second part was annual cleansing and was called the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)with the ob jective of cleansing the sins accumulated on San ctuary during the entire year(Lev.16).High Priest did this by choosing two goats for Atonement,a bull for himself,because he was to enter the Sanctuary.First goat was slaughtered for the Lord,second goat named sca pegoat,"for Azazel (the devil)",making atonement for the Sanctuary,was released into the wilderness, af ter all sins were put over goat's head, by laying hands and confessing wickedness and rebellion.The Bible is an historical book not scientific one,a diary where the authors,most of them "demi doctes",are exposing their participation in"miraculous"events trying to interpret them with their fractured knowledgeAny one who wants to construct his knowledge and understand the Bible from a positivist to a structuralist level, must start with the"starting point",namely the ARCHE.If we lay at the base of our faith,THE BANNER OF GOD (a church banner and standard,Jehova Nisi,Exod17,15, Isa.5;26,11;11-12,13;2) ONTOLOGICAL CRITERION dec lared in the Bible,EN ARCHE EN HO LOGOS!,we could create an epistemological method of reasoning using one,or even two SYLLOGISMS,of utmost importance for under standing the reality or nature in which we live.A Syllogism is a three steps judgement,or a conclusion infer red from the first pre mise through the second.The two judgments that we may present are similar,in the first announce and in the conclusion, varying only the middle term just to capture the complexity of the theme.The first syllogism may be called the Gospel Syllogism,because of the message it contains.We should start from En Arche en ho Logos!,In the Be ginning was the Word or Logos as the Principle of the world,contradicting  the positive scientific cultu re and presenting reality with God at the helm.After this major sentence,the middle or minor one must sta te that the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us,full of Grace and Truth,as the SacrificialLamb on Earth and as High Priest in Heaven,whose work was discovered in the Temple built by the Hebrew people in Jerusalem,which is an image of Heavenly Temple.The conclusion is that Temple is a Paradigm (exemplifi cation)of the Word,by ThomasS.Kuhn's theory,called ParadigmShift,the word paradigm being an extrapolati on from Greek grammar where all declina tion,flexion by gender,number,case of a word ,done on a black board by a student,are called Paradigm of that word.How much more,if we have an Arche called TheWord ofGod, should we say that his exemplificati on or Paradigm is the Temple of Jerusalem,an image of the Hea venly Temple,where heavens are an interface,having structure,functions and gates by that model.Theother  syllogism is more technical,it could be called Ontological Syllogism,being different in second proposition, which is saying that Word or Logos has elements called STOICHEION,which are elements of spirit and have connotation of letters of the alphabet,called "signs".Conclusion to this Syllogism is that Temple is Paradigm of Logos because Stoicheion elements (letters)are building Ikos(Verse),Oikos (House),Oikumene (World )an umbrella term.Both these syllogism ensure and provide cortex of biblical ontology.As a new tenant recei ves two keys to new house,these syllogisms are The key to the house of David,where the key metaphori cally means a tool for resolve.This is biblical cosmography, but,if we talk about cosmogony of the Bible,we should say that entire Creation is an Act of Divine Poetic Writing in Books in Heavens where heavens are interface between water used as building material in Creation (2Pet 3,5: Gen1,1,Ps.24,2)and"fire servants"(Hebr.1;7, Ps104;4,2Kings2;11 ,6;17)the host of spirits made of Stoicheia elements,hebrew word shamayim for heaven being explained by an linguistic speculation stating that first syllable"sha"comes from"esh"(old Hebrew didn't use written vowels in text)meaning fire and mayim meaning water.Waters in creation are described as SPIRITUAL CONDUCTOR because outside the inferior derivative, the actual water itself,are containing OPERA PRIMA,the STOICHEIA elements,which are in interface called heaven.So,we have multi plex space in the Bible,with material loop and abstract loop,not simple connexion of atoms.Creation waters from theThrone of God(Apoc.22,Jer.2,14 )are flowing even today(Ps.46,4; Ps.65,9; Prov. 21,1),as in  the time of the Flood,or the Bethesda fountain ,or water from the pierced side of Jesus , all these texts,as noted by Henry M. Morris in "The biblical basis for modern Science" are promoting the analogy of  water,blood and spirit (1John5. 6to8), showing that the water has spiritual meanings (Isa.58,11; 44,3;Ps.69,24; Isa.42,25; Hosea 5,10;Isa.32,15; Joel2, 28;Gen9,6;John 4 , 14;Lev,14,5 not only physical,having a matrix of INTRINSIC powers called STOICHEIA elements,the word "sunisthemi-out of"(2Pet.3,5)having meaning"consisting of". TheBible reveals that in Ezekiel's vision,the waters from Throne are crossing the Millennial Temple under the walls into the lake outside the city,which will become fiery lake at the end of time (Apoc.19,20)for gathering and containing moral dirt and corruption purified by water along the way through the city, be cause UNIVERSALS (THINGS)of this world andTHEIR CHARACTERISTICS are made of these subtle elements. Unfortunately,too little is known about STOICHEION ELEMENTS,first,that they connote letters ofthe

alphabet,thenthey're signs or spiritual powers,a spiritbeing a LIGATURE of these letters.The se powers,alsocalled"dunamis"or "exousia"inGreek,havethemean ingofvirtues orqualities ofthings, after initially meaning just things,(in Hebrew,DavarorDabar,that is the Logos,means also the word and the th ing because it brings to existence universals(things)of the world.Awareness ofStoicheia elements(2Pet.3,10 )may be an opening argument for a need to  stop the collapse of biblical conception of the world.Only pre vious syllogistic interpretation of biblical conception will bring the world out of dysfunction,being the only viable answer to basic questions of philosophy,namely the relationship between mind and nature,spirit and matter.Retrieval in Stoicheia elements of life,the psyche,the social,the history,as the common source,will give unity to scientific disciplines and a great advantage forTheology.This could lead to understanding of so me of the great philosophical,theological,historical disputes about the degree of correlation between lang uage,mind,spirit,matter,asarescholasticDispute aboutUniversals,SacramentalControversy ofMartin Luther,or adventist Cleansing of the Sanctuary,Stoicheia elements being the medium where is subscribed any state or condition of reality.Stoicheia elements,vehicles of energy and information,are authorities and powers that want to be fulfilled in the place that are occupying and may become redundant in all the registers of being ,physical,psychological,sexuality,nutrition(uncleanfood),birth,death,if are out of their consecration. There fore,exist people(priests,Levites,Nazarites)and biblical ceremonies for purification and integration in normal of places,beings and things if they're UNCLEAN,in any case not with soap and water as some one would think.We've seen that Stoicheia elements generate exterior complex of Creation and archetypal interior complex of the Reason,the INTELLIGIBLE PLACE,perceived only by mind,Logos being God's Reason,which itself contains the essence of all created beings with all their characteristics(Ps.139,14-16).Because of Stoicheion elements,the physiology of mind in the Bible does not exist in the brain(enkephalos version ) but in the blood,which contains the mind,becau se blood is a perfect blend of Stoicheia elements,thinking being a type of sensation that occurs in the heart,according to Empedocles(Theofrast,De sens.9),and bibli cal references to he art as localization of the mind.Leviticus 17.11to 14,and Deut.12. 23,are saying that life of all flesh subsists in the blood,whose interdiction is necessary to prevent impurity and degradation . Stoicheia elements(associated with meanings ofVirtues,Powers,Lordships,Dominions,Thrones,Principalities, Angels,Archangels(Col.1,16;2,15:Rom8,38Ephes.1,21;6,12:1Pet.3,22)are irreducible elements that make up the spirits of heavens that are generating reality,and we see that at least two hierarchies of authority ,the first including elements,levels,functions of the "established order"in people's POLITEIA,and the other , almost similar in terms of God' s authority in the part of Religion which is called Angelology,are revealing an interface between the two,the human world and the spiritual world.The lack of precision  on the energetic or spiritual nature of reality leads to divergences among those with fixed demanding,for whom the biblical notions of Stoicheia elements ,powers or Logos are totally amorphous.If Stoicheia elements are letters with which God wrote the world,in a divine act of writing,the name(onoma) of things,is first,the being(on),before to be meaning(noema).If the Biblical theory of natural, intimate,underlying connection, between things and Spirit is correct,then man who has the ability to interpret reality and issue the signs (facultas signatrix)(everything,any fact made is a sign that affirms),then it generates and creates it's own and other's reality and world,by refreshing it's own state or condition,if accumulates powers.Conception that inner reality,located beyond the blood"curtain"(human body has also analogy with the Tabernacle 2Cor.5;1,2Pet.1;14),composed of Stoicheia elements of spirit can act in extension from emanating energy (becauseDabar and Logos make the power of appointment to have the power of creation and to "give place to everything")may be correct and may be basis for understanding the concept of"miracles" because the Logos or"legein"(to say,to speak)as the philosopher Heidegger says,in German"legen",similar with Latin "legere"means to put together,to add what is present and let it appear,so that the Logos or God' s POWERS bring things and phenomena to occur in that condition or state.In Heidegger's interpretation of Heraclitus thought and speech are noticed inauguration and  initiation of Western philosophy not only as temporal be ginning but also as the Origin(Ursprung),precisely because it is a beginning where it shows and appears what becomes visible.From this perspective,the text of Gen.1,3need s only an specification,namely that,at least in Greek language,the word light(photo)has thesame root with the word nature(physis),namely PHAO S,PHWS,to change in a way the interpretation of this text,namely that God has not ordered only to be li ght,but the essence of things,physis(nature)in the same context,was ordered to appear,to shine,to show, to open,to blossom,to sprout,by power of Logos',from primordial waters,where was tohu-va-bohu(formless ness and emptinessGen1;1).Logos is the active instrumental forceof reality,an universal formula for organiza tion,identical with nature,which articulates in the same level,the meanings and forces,becoming the world 's Reason because it isGod's Reason,that synthesizes,manages and makes sense of the world in ABSOLUTE way,including even people's mind.NamingJesus Logos,John the Evangelist resumed only Hebrew con cept coming from Moses,according to which the Logos is the BRIDGE between God and mankind.Unfortuna tely,Christian dogma,distinct from Greek philosophy,has lost from sight the inherent creative power of the Word of God,which is only explained by existence of Stoicheia elements (Ps.33, 6.9,Ps.107, 20;Is 55,11).